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“Who the hell did I think I was? That’s what I wondered as I swam across the lake, not caring if I lived or died in the process. I thought the other side, which I’ve visited once, was like going home, much easier than living in this dimension.”

As my father lay dying, he looked closely at me and said, “I was hard on you so that you could survive the bad times, not the good ones.” His words hit me, echoing in my heart, becoming a background message in a downward spiral that lasted a decade after his passing. He had been my hero. His immigrant story of coming to Winnipeg after the 2nd World War, having received his first pair of shoes from Mussolini, showed me his luck. Father was a medicine man, capable of anything, who made his fortune, created his legacy, and lived as a king, an Italian man who believed men are everything. Women are not.

This old idea dominated my being, even though as a child of the 60’s, then 70’s and 80’s, I had every chance to emancipate myself with others of my generation. In some ways I did. While raising my two beautiful children and living a productive and passionate life with my husband on beautiful Saltspring Island, I had a third “child”, Aroma Crystal Therapy.

The creation of this company, Aroma Crystal Therapy, with its mission statement of “Healing the planet, one person at a time” grew from the best part of me. I had the blessing of having both my grandmothers, Italian and Scottish, come from a line of wisewomen, healers who practiced their alternative skills as natural medicine for their families and communities.

As a young mom I faced family illness with my children, especially ear infections, and found myself being given prescriptions for antibiotics by pharmaceutical pushing doctors which

left a legacy of candida overgrowth. I began to take control of the health of my family through the healing modalities of vibrational medicine. I experimented with sacred geometry, rife frequencies, subatomic particles, (in essence, quantum physics), colours and sound to create my vibrationally imprinted healing products. My nature unfolded as a natural healer, a psychic

medium and mother, and I put my best intentions forward and made LOVE the first ingredient in everything I created.

My promise to myself and the world was that I would use 100% non-toxic, environmentally friendly ingredients and pure essential oils, making products that were leading edge energetic

science, but growing from ancient herbal traditions and natures’ bounty. One of my first successes was creating Gardener’s Dream Cream (magic in the palm of your hands).

To date my healing products have won 51 Awards of Excellence for Best Body & Skin Care and Best Aromatherapy in Canada from the Health Food Industry of Canada. Product testimonials from loyal customers across the country and around the globe have talked of healing body pain, inflammation, circulation issues, and skin anomalies like weird rashes for over thirty years. I also created a face cream which is water soluble. It can be applied with wet fingertips as thick or thin as you like, and provides 24/7 protection, and is sold as OHM Cream. This product has received rave reviews even from those who formerly paid $600 an ounce for their beauty cream.

All this business success was mine, but I lost it. My father’s death signaled many other dislocations. As I readied myself to retire, life as I knew it took a downward spiral, including my relationship. The terrible business decision my husband and I made to hand over 50% of the

company to male partners who promised could be parlayed into a 5-million-dollar company was a complete fantasy. As the truth emerged, my 33-year marriage dissolved around me like a mirage in the desert. The business partnership had no exit strategy for lack of performance

in place, no legal redress. I found myself alone, disenfranchised, no longer in control of anything in my life, having only an undeveloped lot I had purchased on St. Mary’s Lake during the family break-up.

I retreated into a hermit’s life, swimming back and forth across the lake, filled with a pain that left me cold. As dark thoughts held me, I began to understand instinctively that I was out of sync with my soul’s intention. I, in fact, had minimized myself. The male myth had triumphed. Living in my gutted airstream trailer with nothing left but my great, great grandmother’s pot to piss in, I recalled the strange vision I once had following a near-death accident I had faced while working intensely during the building years.

In those days I ran a show schedule that took me and my wild women crew galloping across the country from Niagara Falls to Nanaimo, with multiple stops in between; we were going to “cream” Canada with my vibrational Gardener’s Dream Cream. Before this particular trip I had a prophetic dream of my van spinning around the highway with dollar bills floating outside like

snowflakes. Although I was tempted to fly home from the East, I had left half my crew in Alberta doing shows there. As we started our drive through the Rocky Mountains, we were four exhausted women, rushing the ten-hour drive to catch the early ferry home. Heartaches were troubling me, and I fell into sleep in the back seat, when the van hit black ice, and spun across six lanes.

I remember rising up and reaching my arms around the driver to the wheel, calling out to the others to send down your roots into the core of the planet. Miraculously, the van turned resting upright against the cliff barrier, and we were allowed to continue our drive home. At home, awakening the next morning, I was in a deep depression when I found myself having a true out of-body experience. As I was leaving my body, I found myself in a pink void, a place of ecstatic joy, where my consciousness dissolved, and a great peace filled me. It is impossible to recount all that happened in those precious minutes. When I returned, I knew I had choice and freedom, that we could manifest as we wished, that we are here to learn and serve.

Something in this vision held the key to my resurrection. In the middle of the chaos of my business, the dark depths of my soul and consciousness inspired me. I applied for the X-Factor competition in Bali for Entrepreneurs looking for inspiration and advice. There I shared with others who had launched their own businesses. As we worked together, I saw that I already had success: all I needed was to believe in myself. My team won!

The opportunity to tell my story was the prize. You are hearing my story with the understanding my brand, Aroma Crystal Therapy, will thus get international recognition. It took me three years of legal battles to finalize the papers that rid my company of the flotsam. Peace and strength returned to me as I felt the gates of hell open and the phoenix rising from the ashes.

It was a divine jolt to realize that I was an accomplished woman having created Aroma Crystal Therapy. This line is carried in every health food store and mass stores from coast to coast across Canada, the Yukon territories, and beyond. A website ships our products across the globe. Retail enquiries and international distributors are welcome.

Moving forward, I am launching a new product in October. CBDream is a cannabis-based product, part of Canada’s new hemp product lines. Here is another amazing cream that I know will give much healing, following my early mantra, “healing the planet one person at a time.”

Today, I am grateful for my own healing and the healing that my loving products have given this planet. I have my health, even the decade of suffering I endured was part of my sacred history.

The spiritual dimension has guided me and launched my own awareness of the integrity of every individual, man or woman. We can all choose to be who we wish. Do what you dream and show up.

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