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The Colostrum King - from Rover to Royalty

Life should be an exciting journey.

Each outcome will be the result of decisions you make. Everyone has the same allocation of 24 hours a day. What we do with that time determines our destiny.

I was born to caring, encouraging and loving parents. They subconsciously programmed my thinking and my discipline’s, that would eventually contribute to where I am today. My family were not wealthy because my Dad worked for somebody else, independently building a very substantial business, based on future promises that he would be well looked after financially in the future. One day the owner’s son came to my Dads office and said his father had retired and he was taking over. He said he didn’t need my Dad any longer. My Dad said what about the all promises his father made. The son said, he did not make the promises, and my Dad died humiliated, a year later.

This was a tough lesson for me.

Never work for someone else. You build their dream instead of your own. They determine your lifestyle and limit your earning capacity. Identify your dream. With passion and commitment, you will see it materialise. Sometimes not when you expect it, but always when you deserve it. Eventually, you will enjoy the rewards for sacrifices you may make, through taking charge of your destiny. The alternative is mediocrity and uncertainty.

I have always been optimistic and competitive, to always try and be the best I can.

Compete only with yourself and not others. I thought this was the normal behaviour for all children, until I discovered the impact of being “Under The Influence”. ‘Under the Influence’ is the title of a book I am writing on personal development and illustrates, that from the time we are born, we are under the influence. Of our parents, tradition, society, associates, religions and politics. This influence impacts our future thoughts and beliefs as to what’s normal, and can restrict our vision and creativity. We have to holistically balance them out, to lead a successful life. You become who you associate with. For good or bad.

I was fortunate to have loving caring parents who prepared me well for the tough world out there.

I was defiant, recognising early in life “You have to experience adversity in order to experience the exhilaration of success” In other words, you have to earn success. It’s not a right. At primary school I recall a teacher saying - If you want to get rich you have to work hard. Every child dreams of success and the good things in life. Every child dreams of riches

and success. Never just existing, second-hand cars, rented apartments, struggle and regret. I bought this advice without question, as teachers were trusted and qualified to know best. I could not wait to find out what was the hardest work I could do and to leave school.

I was told that shearing sheep was the hardest known physical work, and 10 possibly the only way to achieve my dream of owning a farm one day. I found the best teacher and mentor, Godfrey Bowen a great man who held the world shearing record. We established a special friendship and I mastered his technique. I eventually shore a million sheep over the following 22 years and built the biggest shearing contracting business in New Zealand. I made shearing contracting a professional business and coined the business slogan Shear Expertise. I am proud to have conceived the idea of a world shearing championship in Masterton New Zealand and named the Golden Shears. I accomplished my dream and purchased a farm but that came with a mortgage, so I had to continue working physically.

I took on agricultural contracting to pay for the farm machinery.

To keep my men working year-round, undertook major tree planting contracts, planting millions of pine trees, as well as scrub cutting. Tough men and tough work could only be managed by leading through example. Never asked anyone to do what you can’t do yourself. I couldn’t help but notice output and performance increased dramatically when I was personally involved in a project and leading from the front. We were great athletes striving for personal bests every day and paid solely on performance.

In spite of setting a world lamb shearing record on 12th of December 1968 and personally planting up to 3000 pine trees a day I was not getting rich. I was working for the banks and despised them. I didn’t understand that with a traditional table mortgage over 30 years you paid back 3 times more than you borrowed.

A mentor said to me one day that it was the mental muscle that created wealth and not physical muscle.

The penny dropped. I was a slow learner. I am still looking for that school teacher. I now have calluses on the brain and not my hands. All was not lost. Remember something good comes out of every experience. Both pain and pleasure can motivate us. On reflection, I have learnt more from my mistakes than my successes. I learnt all about nutrition observing animals. Nutrition is really intuitive. We are born with instincts as to what good for us. All species instinctively know what to eat to be healthy, if they have a choice. They are not influenced by TV commercials and corporate greed. With freedom of choice, malnutrition is rare in the animal world. Malnutrition is not starvation, its incorrect or insufficient nutrients in the food we eat. Processed foods are possibly the most direct cause of the rapid increase of “preventable lifestyle diseases” experienced today. We should eat to satisfy our nutritional requirements and not just appetite.

In the farming world, the more valuable the animals are, the more vitamin and mineral supplements they are given. Racehorses and stud bulls were given expensive supplements daily. These included Cobalt, Selenium, Boron and I wondered why we did not give these trace elements to our children. Around this time, I tragically lost my parents and younger brother to cancer. Devastated I devoted my life to learning every way possible to avoid the grim reaper, starting a journey which has become a passion. I had no choice, as I was probably genetically programmed to also become a victim of cancer. No-one should leave their future health to chance. You can reliably predict your likely demise, based on what your parents or grandparents died of, if you live the same lifestyle, same traditions and same diet.

You have to simply break the pattern and the logical choice today is nutritional insurance.

During my search to try and save my brother from cancer, I met Nobel prize winners, scientists and medical professionals. They all said you can determine how long you live and the quality of life by the supplements you take. I am unashamedly now a wellness and longevity fanatic and ambassador. I became the guinea pig for research and started a quest to learn everything I could about how the bodies’ functions and roll nutritional supplements can play.

In 1984 when I started New Image, it was almost heresy to say that vitamins and minerals were necessary and beneficial.

These were times of media attacks, insinuating vitamin peddlers were only creating expensive urine. Unfortunately, we still see these headlines occasionally as journalists pursue controversially headlines to catch attention and create news. When I sold the farm and paid off the mortgage, prices were depressed, so again I started with limited capital but big dreams. I believed in myself and ability and had confidence that anything was possible with the right approach and preparation. I learnt all about vitamins and minerals, ingredients and formulations and how to make tablets myself and manufacture supplements. Then followed essential direct sales principles and learnt motivational speaking.

I was always a believer in free enterprise systems and performance-based remuneration. I became the number one customer for our products. It did not take long for others to see the good health, vitality and energy I enjoyed, along with the absence of any illness. I have never

had a day off sick. Until I started my program this was good luck. Since then – “good management”. You program your quality of life and length of life, by your lifestyle and the supplements you take. It’s called nutritional insurance.

In the early years there was always issues due to restriction of finance and the unexpected challenge, that amongst the people you trusted, there would be a few that betrayed you, making progress more difficult that necessary. I learnt that this was normal human behaviour and understood that it was possibly the result of me making things look easy and rewarding. To a few there was a temptation to break away and try and emulate what I was doing. Sadly,

none succeeded as this is a tough and competitive industry. I have been very fortunate and blessed. My success has been due to the teams that supported me and made me look good. I could not have achieved what I have on my own.

I chose direct selling as the main vehicle to penetrate the marketplace, as I believed in free enterprise and the power of “person to person” recommendation of health products. There needed to be what I call “heart to heart” connections, as chronic disease is extremely emotive. Through the impact of social media, high tech has had a powerful impact on marketing. However, there is no loyalty with internet customers, as they buy basically on price only. Our wellness ambassadors tell their personal story and connect through high touch, creating long term relationships.

I quickly realised that the NZ market was not big enough to support the manufacturing capability that was necessary to ensure quality control and “on time” availability. I travelled to Asia when the world was paranoid about “reds under the bed, and risk of unknown business traditions. However, I saw a different world, full of opportunity and quickly established many special relationships, some of which continue internationally, and we bought the Pfizer Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Manukau., New Zealand. When at last we were financially free with over $1 million cash in the bank, the Asian currency crisis hit, and because of a massive devaluation of currencies, we were selling products below cost. Many of the big global companies simply walked away, abandoning their members. When I make a commitment to people and they trust me, I would never let them down and quit. I have always felt an obligation to deliver on promises.

We had a property land bank through the manufacturing plant, but we had difficulty selling, through numerous purchaser defaults owing to the depressed economy. Cashing in on everything, including hire purchasing my car, we kept all the countries intact and that is why we are so trusted in Asia today. We regrouped and started again. The rest is history.

Around 1993 reflecting on my farming experience with animals giving birth, and the witnessing the miracle qualities of colostrum, I decided to pursue possibilities of using it to support human health. Colostrum is the first milk produced by all mammals after giving birth. If a baby mammals mother dies and it gets no colostrum, it will also die of infection within 24 hours. Colostrum’s bio-actives at birth, immediately activate the immune system, the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, the digestive system, the energy system and kick start all life functions. A baby gazelle just born, after its first drink of colostrum can outrun a lion. Colostrum from cows has been proven to be compatible to humans and through New Images manufacturing technology, impacts and restores all the bodies essential functions for optimum health.

Beware - Not all colostrum is equal.

Much colostrum marketed is unfortunately diluted or important bio-actives are destroyed in the heat processing or by adults’ gastric juices as they have no Alpha Lipid protection. New Image was the first to commercially market colostrum, which is now globally over a $1 billion industry. We successfully combined this life force from nature with our science and technology.

Our first product was Lifeline, a fortified powder breakfast shake. We later added

Alpha Lipid, our patented liposome delivery system that gave protection to the fragile bio-actives, from the harsh gastric juices in the digestive tract of adults. This is still our lead product today and millions of cans have been sold internationally. Alpha Lipid Lifeline has had huge nutritional impact enhancing the immune function, health and vitality of hundreds of thousands of people throughout Asia Pacific. It has become a Billion Dollar breakfast beverage. Vietnam alone has monthly sales approaching 200,000 cans. We support the science through clinical trials, many of which are published in medical journals, and our research team today consists of 9 highly qualified scientists.

The company holds 172 patents and trademarks to stop our unique products being copied. Our company is product-driven and that validates the company’s longevity and success. Successful customers express their gratitude by recommending our products to the people they care about.

The New Image brand is recognised as a quality designer label in the nutrition field.

Throughout the years we have been marketing colostrum, we believed that it was an outstanding natural supplement, with no equal and justifies its status as the foundation of good health. In recent times our faith and belief in colostrum has been scientifically vindicated. I have attended numerous International Biotechnology, anti-Aging and Stem Cell conferences globally. Many of the previous unexplained benefits of colostrum that we have been encountered over the years, all suddenly made sense and were backed up by science. Sufferers of degenerative have two options available. An ambulance at the bottom of the

cliff, with stem cell transplants ranging from $20,000 to $30,000. Alternatively supporting through nature, the body’s ability to stimulate and reprogram dysfunctional systems with nutritional extracts such as colostrum.

We were first to develop a Stem cell facilitating formulation called Colostem. Our published clinical trials in medical journals, confirmed that we were able to increase the number of natural CD34 stem cells circulating by 122%. We have numerous other exciting new products

underdevelopment and again, are ahead of the global trends supporting natural and optimum body functions.

Microbe Apocalypse.

For 36 years New Image has been warning the world that the threat to the human race is not a nuclear holocaust, not an asteroid from outer space, but invisible infectious microbes. They are a life force we have to live with. Ironically today, we are experiencing the Coronavirus Covid19 pandemic which is creating global chaos to our way of life. Antibiotics only neutralise bacteria and have absolutely no effect on viruses.

Antibodies in Colostrum have been proven to neutralise viruses and are currently the only defence we have. Potentially the only treatment. They are oral vaccination, transferring reinforcements of microbe assassins. Covid19 victims have no treatment and can only get intensive care in hospitals, as the battle rages between the body’s defences and the virus. The robustness of the immune system determines the outcome. Life or death.

11 strains of Covid19 have been identified, making it highly likely that a vaccine will ever be developed.

19 years after the SARS epidemic there is still no vaccine. It’s not the Covid19 virus that’s the real problem, it’s the collateral damage that it does to the body. Cytokine storms, blood clots,

lung damage, opportunistic bacteria invasion, oxygen deprivation. The New Image scientific team through research and clinical trials have developed a 60% antibody formula, with concentrated medical-grade colostrum concentrated extracts, that are currently being tested in an international high-security laboratory in the USA. Its early days, but there are positive indications the formula fortifies the immune systems to stave off all Coronaviruses including COVID-19, and also to mitigate the after-effects of the disease for people who do contract it. It is feared that the debilitating consequences an infection can do irreparable damage with long term consequences.

By effectively restoring the defence function of the immune system our patented 60% Immunoglobulin Viranox tablets support recovery as well as reinforcing the body’s defences.

Our research has shown the colostrum is unequivocally the foundation of good health. The only supplement that can reboot and repair the immune system software which is the supercomputer managing all body functions. It transfers memory, instructions, activates cell to cell communications. We fund a team of scientists researching the unique immune defence properties of bio actives in colostrum, identifying the multi-functional properties of Antibodies,

Growth Factors, Natural Killer Cells, Peptides – (gene switches), Lactoferrin, Oligo Saccharides, Ceramides and human growth hormone which is wrongly named, as should be mammal growth hormone. There is still much yet to be discovered in

this complex miracle substance spiritually revered by all civilizations.

The Egyptian god Hathor is illustrated with the horns of the cow and they believed colostrum spiritually enhance the souls of the deceased, so they could enter the afterworld and everlasting life. The Hebrew word for colostrum is “Halab” and its mentioned more than 40 times in the Old testament. The Hindu’s still worship the cow today. This knowledge has been suppressed since 1928 when antibiotics were first discovered, and the Pharmaceutical industry suppressed all ancient knowledge to eliminate competition in the infection defense industry. This was very effective, until through greed and indiscriminate use of antibiotics, antibiotic-resistant bacteria and viruses became a serious threat. 70% of antibiotics are fed to poultry, pigs, bovine, prawn and fish farming for prevention of disease and this is mainly where antibiotic resistance develops. The human race could now be facing a microbe apocalypse. I am now heading a global movement to force authorities to stop the use of antibiotics in animal feed and entering our food chain. It is criminal that this was ever allowed to happen and seriously needs addressing.

New Image has two specialised state of the art manufacturing plants including a spray drying powder facility, producing all its own products, as well packaging products for supermarkets, international brand companies in NZ and its competitors. This diversification obviously reduces manufacturing overheads and contributes additional profits. The company has developed a range of over 60 products in categories from infant formula, immune boosting, cardiovascular, Detoxifying, weight management, diabetic, and natural beauty, marketed worldwide. Distribution systems incorporate traditional brands through hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, supermarkets to direct sales and online. I have been humbled to have been recognised as the colostrum king of father of colostrum. Even though science has mapped the human genome, we have only scratched the surface to unlock the secrets of colostrum. The gift of life. The Direct sales division has contributed to the spectacular growth of the company and this is the area my skills and experience contributes the most. We have over 200,000 active members on our computer systems and have spectacular Asian conferences of up to 8,000 attendees.

I have led and spearheaded an organisation that now has substantial offices in 22 countries. Has been innovative and visionary in the wellness industry. The direct selling operation is now ranked globally #32 in the industry and is recognised as the fasted growing. New Image branded products are sold around the world and in China alone there are over 10,000 outlets. It is estimated that over 600,000 customers a day are taking a New Image supplements or applying a New Image beauty product. We expect in the next year, due to experiential growth, to hit 1 million customers a day. When we started 36 years ago, I recall our first goal was to achieve sales of $1 million a year. There was much scepticism. At an event, when a motivational trainer started installing the belief in members that $1 million a year was possible, the National Sales Director said ridiculous, impossible and resigned. Our sales now are $1 million a day. Member’s successes are due to special competence training and curriculums. As the founder, it was up to me to identify sponsor and train many of the key leaders. I know how to work at the coal face and continually stay involved to identify any new trends and identify early potential high-flyer leaders. Again, the respect and trust, large numbers of our members have for me, comes from my leadership by example. Being able to be equal to the best. Stay focused and maintain the basics. Leadership is all about influencing people.

I have been invited to speak at biotechnology conferences and motivational conferences including the prestigious American National Speakers Association. I speak from my heart and life experiences, presenting well to multicultural conferences. I let my track record do most of my promotion and believe that actions speak louder than words. I have been fortunate to have enjoyed an incredible journey that has taken me tomany of the great destinations around the world and meeting many famous people. I did not start New Image to make money. I started the company to save my life. This is the best investment I could ever have made. New Image the company has been recognised with many national and international awards. Exporter of the year numerous times, fastest-growing company, product science and innovation awards, Presidential awards. I’m in my 80th year yet my biological age is only 40. Imagine the wisdom and experience of an 80-year-old and the body and energy of a 40-year old. That’s a dangerous combination?

Today I am recognised as “the man that slowed downtime”.

It’s a wonderful and exciting world out there and one lifetime is hardly long enough to experience it all. I still have many wishes to fulfil on my bucket list and thankfully my body is only middle aged. Last year I flew 438.000 kilometres spearheading our global movement. Amazing when its only 380000 kilometres to the moon. Everything is possible to those that believe and find a support system to multiply their efforts. We want to lead a global movement dedicated to eliminating disease and poverty. This is the year 2020 and many injustices in the world need addressing. Governments, society, organisations have not done sufficient to improve the lifestyles of all people.

Where there is poverty there is lack of hygiene, education, opportunity and hope. It’s an environment for pathogens and disease to proliferate. Pathogens don’t need passports and could be the biggest threat ever to mankind’s existence in history. In a small way we can all make a difference, one person at a time through our philosophy of sustainable governance, message of hope and our free enterprise system to enhance many people lives.

It’s taken us 36 years to become an overnight success?

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