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The Differentiator: What makes a wildly successful personal brand?

There is one reason that you aren’t where you want to be in business. I hope that in reading this, the lightbulb moment may just happen for you. I have one very simple teaching, and it’s not a business or marketing strategy that you can implement tomorrow; it’s the person you need to become to create massive success.

You must become Prolific

I first learned of becoming Prolific when I read Russell Brunson’s Book ‘Expert Secrets’. I had reached a point in my business where many of you may have already gone or will at some point in your journey.I had created massive success, but something was missing. I wasn’t able to tap into my next level. It just wasn’t clicking.

Here is where I was; I had created a successful 7-figure Home Staging Brand, won numerous awards and travelled the world speaking and teaching. My brand was growing at a rapid pace;

however, my bank account wasn’t. I realised something was missing. Whilst this was all great for my ego, and I was impacting lives, I needed to infuse my purpose with profit.

You have a right to be paid for your time, knowledge, and expertise, and it is in owning this, you will start to see not only your bank account grow but a shift in energy & the way people behave around you. A financial payment is a mere exchange in energy, and all too often, we can feel embarrassment or shame in asking for it. Unfortunately, giving EVERYTHING away for free quickly becomes unsustainable. Once it becomes unsustainable, how can you help anyone? This isn’t the easiest obstacle to overcome; however, many things shifted once I decided to step into my power and ask for my worth. So, back to being Prolific. I needed to

monetise my knowledge; otherwise, I’d need to stop, and soon.

I had built a successful business, and I had a thriving personal brand; however, it wasn’t being Monetised, I couldn’t get any clients. There are many individuals with expert knowledge who are in this situation. And if you can identify with this, you are not yet a Prolific Thought Leader.

Why was I not being Prolific?

I had done SO many things right. I was successful. I had endless credibility through PR, Awards and I had become an expert at telling my story. Then I read about becoming Prolific, and it clicked. I immediately started to Google what prolific really meant, and to this day,

I’ve never discovered anyone who summarises it as well as Russell Brunson: “Someone who is prolific is fruitful or highly productive, but there is also another definition: “Someone who has abundant inventiveness.”

I took two things from this, someone who is:

• a high-output individual

• an innovator and thought leader

Someone prolific invents new, unique ideas and frameworks all of the time. They are not a ‘One-hit wonder’; they produce, time and time again. And everything they do create is so unique, people will notice. As a result, they are highly paid and in demand. The opposite to being Prolific is being generic, and unfortunately, this is the sector most experts and entrepreneurs fall into, including me, at the time. Someone generic invents few ideas,

they share mainstream strategies that no one notices, and they blend into a sea of other voices and opinions. They will sign clients inconsistently and will command a much smaller fee. If you’re currently feeling like things are complex, and you’re demanding attention, but without the financial reward, then the steps in this article are for you! But, let me warn you; it won’t happen overnight. Anything worthwhile takes time. It is going to take consistency, resilience and focus. It is going to require a lifetime of continuous research and studying -

you will never stop growing. But most importantly, it is going to need a whole lot of guts to be able to share your new views and beliefs with the world.

How to become Prolific

Step 1: Audit Yourself

Think of this as inputting your desired destination into Google maps. However, you have no starting location - this is how most people run their business. How can we ever reach where we? want to go unless we have the coordinates of where we currently are? In asking yourself the challenging questions, you will discover where you are right now and what you need to

implement to reach your goals, and it isn’t always pretty. I had to ask myself these very same questions, and I wasn’t pleased with the answers. But it was the wake-up call I needed to spur me onto becoming Prolific.

So, start by asking yourself the following questions:

“Do I have a high output of ideas and concepts?” “Do I create FOMO when I share these concepts?” (Fear of missing out, as your potential clients can’t consume your expertise anywhere else) “Do I draw attention to my brand?”Are you ready to step into who you

need to evolve into to become Prolific? The following 2 steps are your missing ingredient.

Step 2: Become a Curious Consumer

The definition of curious in the dictionary is “eager to know or learn something”. Prolific leaders are continuously learning and expanding their knowledge. They study each day to hear different perspectives and insights from other experts. However, when consuming this knowledge, they ask questions to form their own opinions and views. I have a few staple entrepreneurs that I follow. Russell Brunson, being one. And what I find most interesting about all of them (Russel in particular) is his curiosity, almost all of his theories and his interest has sparked methods. He has studied the world’s most successful marketers, picking out the concepts and elements he has resonated with and then creating his own unique

methodology and teaching. Often when consuming another method or strategy, we can pinpoint what we believe to be missing or would be the perfect addition. This is the

transition from being a full-time consumer to a creator.

However, to become Prolific, we must consume first.

I’m often asked about my consumption, and for me, I am a daily consumer, which is a conscious choice. You will never find me mindlessly scrolling through my social feed. You will,

however, find me reading a book or taking an online course. This is because consumption never ends. Not if you want to be Prolific and stay there.You may be thinking, why do I need

to consume other people’s content and method?

The simple answer is, we can never know how we feel about anything unless we’ve researched different points of view. The two reasons you need to consume content is:

a. It will position you as the expert.

Prolific leaders are well educated in their chosen field and can add value by sharing their unique methodologies. However, their real power is relating their teachings to the birthplace of the ideas and explaining them in ways you can understand by referring to everyday scenarios.

b. success by association.

I love the quote, “Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise” Proverbs 13:20. Not only are you absorbing other experts’ wisdom and teaching, which ultimately advances you, but when you are seen to be quoting successful figures or engaging in an interview with them, people assume you’re successful because of your connections and association with them.

So, how do you practically consume content to become Prolific?

Interview them. One of the most powerful ways to learn is to interview the expert and ask your burning questions. How do you do that? Start your own show. Whether it’s a YouTube Channel, Facebook Group, or podcast, when you have your own show, everyone answers your calls. I interview many successful entrepreneurs on my podcast, and the one thing they have in common; they aren’t afraid to ask for what they want. Your platform is the true value that you have to provide to the expert. You want to learn from them, and your interviewee wants exposure, and your platform can provide that. A true win, win!

Daily Study. Each month I choose a different subject that is relative to my niche, and I spend 30 minutes every day studying the different experts teaching and methods. I then form my own views from there.

Step 3: The Transition from Consumer to Creator

Consuming someone else’s methodologies is a vital step in the process of becoming Prolific. However, your life will change when you move from acts of consumption to acts of creation. It’s now time to solidify your thoughts and teachings into something that someone else can consume and understand. This is where the proper understanding of your methods occur. When I first sat down to write my book Too Big for Your Boots, I had never honestly thought

in depth about my process in building a business. I realised in every single piece of content I write, I’m solidifying my thoughts and teachings on becoming Prolific. The method has always been there but only in my head, but it was only as I mapped out my book, it was truly born!

I asked myself three questions:

1. What is the ultimate outcome I want the reader to achieve? This then became the book itself.

2. What are the 15 steps they need to take? This became the 15 chapters

3. What do I need to teach them in each of these steps? This became a subheading in each chapter

In the creation of my book, I had become more Prolific.

• I honoured and valued my own story. The impact that the right message can have on someone at the right time in their life is immeasurable

• I formalised my learning into something that I could share with others. It was like condensing decades into days to help my audience

• I created something that fits into a scalable marketing tool that introduces me to thousands of people

When you move from consumer to creator, you are solidifying your ‘Prolific badge’. Creating a 6 step method that is the culmination of my research, personal experience, success and learnings, nobody else has. It’s transitioned me from a generic starting point to a Prolific status! How many other people do you know personally who has written a book? A Prolific leader produces something so unique. People will notice, both in the teaching itself and in the product (the book).

I believe that writing your book is the most powerful Prolific tool you could have. It solidifies your teachings, and it instantly positions you whilst attracting attention. However, if you don’t feel ready to write one, all hope is not lost at becoming Prolific. Think of the equivalent of a book as your social media profiles, blog, communication with your email list, your online courses and programmes - it’s where I started. So, start to form your methodologies now and teach them; each day is a step closer to a more Prolific status.

The topic of becoming a Prolific Leader is challenging to cover in a few thousand words. I have a whole method & training programme centred around the teachings I just shared with you, and who knows, it may become my next book. However, you’ll see how you can start implementing some of these practices in your day-to-day life. You’ll never wake up one day and just be a Prolific Leader, it takes time, effort, study, and consistency, which is why most people aren’t Prolific. But I promise you that your business and brand will become unrecognisable if you start to practice this. People will start to take notice, and your next

level will look a whole lot different!

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